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Is canada the same and the US in relation to government, economy, fashion, etc?

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    Do you mean "Is Canada the same AS the U.S. . . ."?

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    yup i meant "as"

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    The economies and fashions of the two countries are very similar, although not the same in every area. We both have a democratic government, there are some differences. Members of both houses of the U.S. legislature are elected by the voters, which is not true of the Canadian Parliament. Also, the U.S. President is both the chief of state and head of the government.

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    thank you

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    You're welcome.

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    How are they similar in relation to sports, art, and national identity?
    ....(does canada and the US have the same wiews?)

    Canada's economy was very dependant on the US (1920s) could this contribute to how similar they are ?
    this isn't part of the discussion but i was wondering

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    The U.S. and Canada are still each other's primary trading partners. Also, a lot of Canadian industries are dependent upon U.S. industries. For instance I'm sure the region of southwestern Ontario has been hurting because of the tremendous downfall of the auto industry in southeastern Michigan.

    In the U.S., soccer is not a major sport, although becoming more popular with children. Football and basketball are our big sports, while hockey has many fans. Art is similar, but I think the U.S. citizens have a greater identity than Canadians. That's such a nebulous term that "national identity" is hard to define.

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    Also, I believe that Canadian provinces have more autonomy than U.S. states.

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    how so?

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    The only example I can think of is universal health care. The U.S. is trying to pass a health care bill that would provide health insurance to all (or nearly all) of its residence. However, the only government-sponsored health insurance would be a federal program. As I understand it, each Canadian province has its own health care plan.

    You also have Quebec with its own culture and language and thus, Canada has two official languages. Although the U.S. has no official language, it's accepted that English is the unofficial language.

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