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This is a paragraph for my essay about how immagination influenced Macbeth to commit murders
I need it edited and proofread plz:

Throughout the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, imagination influenced Macbeth to do evil in hopes of achieving his goal. An example of how imagination influenced Macbeth was when he said “My thought, whose murder is still only a fantastic idea” (1.3.9). He is thinking about the benefit of killing Duncan, after he was told that he will become king. By listening to the witches Macbeth is partly influenced to kill Duncan until his wife further motivated him to commit the murder.

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    "An example of how imagination influenced Macbeth was" = redundant. Rephrase that second sentence so you don't repeat yourself so obviously.

    comma after "said"

    no comma after "Duncan"

    clarify the "he"s

    comma after "witches"

    "partly influenced" = ?? You'll need to explain this one!

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