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A la izquierda en la calle Apancio. Todo recto al lado de Pepe Llano la calle. Aquí es el Plaza de Allende.

Ir de bajar Relox la calle todo recto para La Presidencia Municipal.

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    Go straight ahead at 13 for plaza de Allende.

    Siga recto (derecho = means straigt ahead and is better in place of "recto) en 13 para (OR "a" = to/toward) la plaza de Allende.

    Make a right at Pepe Llanos street for Biblioteca Publica de San Miguel.

    (Here you need a verb, such as "Turn to the right" = Doble a la derecha) Make a right at Pepe Llanos street for Biblioteca Publica de San Miguel.
    a la derecha en la calle de Pepe Llanos de (a = go toward/to, OR para = for, but not "de") ) Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel.

    Nice effort! I used the usted (formal) command because you had done that with "Siga..."


    P.S. Where did the 2nd sentence come from = "ir de bajar Relox" = because I did not see the English for that one.

    It is always BEST to provide the English first on each new post (so we don't have to hunt for the old one) and then your attempt.

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    so are my form correct

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