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A study of voting preferences among enlisted soldiers (of differing educational levels) in the military reveals the follow patterns (the sample size if 445).

1 Of 395 high school graduates, 90 describe themselves as Democrats, 170 as Independents, and 135 as Republicans
2 Of 27 college graduates, 3 describe themselves as Democrats, 18 as Independents, and 6 as Republicans
3 Of 23 who did not complete high school, 7 describe themselves as Democrats, 7 as Independents, and 9 as Republicans

Using the six-step hypothesis-testing framework from class, please test for independence between the level of education and political party affiliation. Set the level of significance at .05.

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    You can do a chi-square test to determine if the variables are related or unrelated in the population. The null hypothesis states the variables are unrelated in the population. The alternate or alternative hypothesis states the variables are related in the population. The purpose of a chi-square test is to determine if two or more variables are independent of each other (the null hypothesis) or are dependent (the alternate or alternative hypothesis). If the null is rejected, you can conclude that the variables are related in some manner or connected in some way. If the null is not rejected, you cannot conclude that the variables are related.

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    Dear Math Guru,
    Can you please help me how to use the chi square formula

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