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english II

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Errors in the use of punctuation marks - Semicolons and Colons

A.Three states have counties named Fairfield: Connecticut, Ohio, and South Carolina.

B.Sound may be used to link two scenes: wake-up music from a clock radio at the end of one scene becomes a song sung onstage at the start of the next.

C.Robert Redford was not the film maker's first choice to play the Sundance Kid: he got the part after Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, and Warren Beaty had turned it down.

D.When mustaches are fashionable, orders increase for: mustache combs, brushes, and wax.
the answer is b.

  • english II -

    As I see them, both B and C have misused the colon.

  • English II -

    The error is in D.

    B and C would be better with semicolons, but the colon works in both, too, because the second sentence explains the first.
    I think there should be capital letters after the colons in B and C.

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