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Imagine this situation: Country A invades and conquers Country B. The resulting acculturation has negative effects. Country B's economy undergoes a dramatic change when the new government replaces capitalism with another form of economy. What are the most likely results of the invasion, including the changes that might have come about due to acculturation? Why do the changes have negative effects,what changes occur in the economy, and how might those changes affect production?
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    Possible answer:
    The acculturation that brings negative effects might involve Country A
    imposing its language, religion(s), methods of education, system of government, social
    customs, etc. upon Country B, despite the will of the people to retain their own cultural
    traditions and themes. The effects are negative because the invading country has imposed its
    will on the people without their acceptance and consent. Prior to the invasion, Country B
    had a market economy, in which production is determined by consumer demand. Under the
    rule of Country A, this market economy will probably shift to a command economy, in
    which production is determined by the government, who in the course of the invasion
    probably also seized control of the means of production. Production will now have no
    relationship with consumer demand. The market will receive only those products that the
    government decides to produce.

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