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I have three problems I would like checked please.1: I need to graph and find the y intercept of 6y+5x=-18
First I want to solve for y therefore I will let x be 0: 6y+5(0)=-18
6y=-18...I will now divide
y=-3 Therfore the first set to plot would be (0-3)
Now I solve for x, so I will let y be 0: 6(0)+5x=-18
My second pair to plot is (-18/5,0)
the y intercept is (0,-3)

The second problem is the same concept as one, so I will not work it out as much herethe problem is 4x-12=3y

the y intercept is (0,-4)

The third problem is finding slope: x+4y=8

Did I do these right?

  • MATH...somewhat urgent -

    first one is correct

    second one:
    in 4x-12+12=3(0)-12
    you added 12 on one side, but subtracted on the other.
    should have been
    4x = 12
    x = 3, so x-intercept is (3,0)

    last one:
    change x+4y=8
    to 4y = -x + 8
    y = (-1/4)x + 2

    comparing it to y = mx + b
    we can see the slope is -1/4

    your intercepts for the last one are correct.

  • MATH...somewhat urgent -

    Thank you

  • MATH...somewhat urgent -

    y= 2-1/3x

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