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Imagine that you are one of the spinners who protests the invention of the spinning Jenny. Write a letter to a newspaper explaining your reasons. your letter should show that you understand the implications of the invention. It should show that you understand the implications of the invention. It should also give good reasons why you think its use should not be allowed.

Can someone please help me start this out, I'll include the main points, but I need help starting this, thanks.

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    You need to know what a spinning jenny was.

    Start there.

    Then consider why a spinner would protest this new invention.

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    A spinning Jenny was a hand powered machine invented by James Hargreaves. By turning a single wheel, the operator could spin off number of threads at once.

    A spinner would protest this new invention because, it would take its work away from him/her. Everyone's attention would go towards the new invention, and not towards the spinners. The spinner's incomes would decrease, and there would be lots of money going towards the new invention. This is totally injustice for the poor spinners.

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    Yay! You've got it!

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    thank you so much, but I want to know how to start it as a letter.

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    To the Editor:

    The new spinning jenny is a disaster for us hard-working spinners.

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    thank you so much:-)

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    You're welcome.

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