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my LA teacher gave me a sheet and it says complete the missin vowels
Ex:htcld is hot/cold
and I need help with some that are
nncntglty,smthrh,gvtk,ltrght,pdwn,nt,srswt,tthn,nddrvr,ststnd,ldyng,crkdstrght,glybtl,lvht that's it!

  • antonyms -

    lvht- love/ hate

  • antonyms -

    This could be fun.


    Please join the fun and see what you can figure out!

  • antonyms -


  • antonyms -


  • antonyms -

    old/young..... i need answer for nt,ftthn,ststnd .... missing the vowels..i hate it

  • antonyms -

    whats ftthn???

  • antonyms -

    Ftthn is fat/thin

  • antonyms -

    just I am looking the antonyms of " ndrvr "

  • Antonyms puzzle -

    Looking the result of " ndrvr "

  • antonyms -


  • antonyms -

    Under Over

  • antonyms -

    under over

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