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You are selling tickets for a high school concert. Student tickets cost $4 and general admission tickets cost $6. You sell 450 tickets and collect $2340. How many of each type of ticket did you sell?

A music store is selling compact discs for $11.50 and $7.50. You buy 12 discs and spend a total of $106. How many compact discs that cost $11.50 did you buy?

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    Are you learning algebra? Both of these questions are of the same type: two equations in two unknowns.

    In the first problem, let S be the number of student tickets and G be the number of General Admisison tickets.

    S = 450 - G
    4(450-G) + 6G = 2340
    2G = 2340 - 1800 = 540
    G = 270
    S = 450 - G = 180

    Do the other one the same way.

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