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14. The purpose of Japan's imperialist policy in the early 1900s was to
a. spread Japanese culture and religions to other parts of the world
b. strengthen Japan's economy through obtaining additional natural resources
c. acquire strategic defense positions in the event of a world war
d. establish new markets for selling raw materials

15. Which statement best supports the conclusion that fierce competition exists in Japan for places in the best schools?
a. The school day in Japan is long, and vacations are short
b. Japanese students are given a great deal of homework
c. Many students take special classes after school to help them do better on examinations they must take to enter college
d. Education has always been important in Japan
..Not sure about this one; C?

18. One result of South Korea's efforts to compete economically with Japan and other Western nations has been
a. an absence of labor strikes in the country
b. major disputes between workers and business owners
c. a decline in the middle class population of the country
d. a lower standard of living for its people
Don't know ?

26. In an effort to help Japan recover from the devastating effects of the 1929 depression, Japanese military leaders in the 1930s
a. adopted a policy of imperialist expansion
b. formed an alliance with the Soviet Union
c. negotiated more trade treaties with the Soviet Union
d. closed its door to Western trade
I think this one might be either A or D


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    14 and 15 are correct.

    The answer to 18 depends upon when your book was published. Here's a recent article that will help you.

    26. A

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    Thank you!

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    You're welcome.

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