8th Grade Social Studies

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I'm sorry, I know that you really can't give out answers but I've been trying to figure this out for a couple hours so I'm posting it anyways. (-_-')

The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the authority to

a. bring criminal charges against a president.
b. remove a president from office if he or she violates essential presidential duties.
c. try all impeachments unless a president elects to resign rather than be impeached.
d. impeach a president if the U.S. Supreme Court issues warrants for his or her arrest.

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    Nevermind, My dad helped me 8D

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    its b

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    A. The House has authority to impeach the President. It does not need the Supreme Court's input, and the Court cannot issue "arrest warrants" for the President. After impeachment, the Senate tries him. So the answer is A

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    where did the founders get these ideas

  • 8th Grade Social Studies -

    What is trace the path that they took
    from New York to Salt Lake City ?

  • 8th Grade Social Studies -

    George Washington failures and succeses

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