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How do you think the existence of nearly 3000 ethnic groups and 800 languages affect life in countries south of the Sahara?

Sub-saharan Africa displays more diversity than anywhere in the world. This is more apparent in the number of languages spoken. The region speaks 1/3 of the world's total . Speakers of Bantu languages (part of the Niger-Congo family) are the majority in southern Africa. I think this cultural diversity affects life in the Sahara because there are so many different groups, and each one has its own traditions. This means that everyone leads a different lifestyle, even though they all live around the same place.


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    So far, so good.

    Also -- this diversity and lack of a common language have led to many bitter and endless conflicts. Imagine traveling 10 or 20 miles from home and not being able to speak the native language and being viewed hostilely by a neighboring tribe.

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