english grade 12

posted by sherry

in the poem grammar poem by Rita Wong list three different metaphors used to describe english and english grammar. do you agree with her assesment and why

  1. GuruBlue

    The key word in this question is YOU. They ask if you agree with the poet and why do you have that opinion. After you have written what you think, please repost and we will be happy to make any further suggestions needed.

  2. Writeacher



    Read about metaphors and find some. You should have no problem finding metaphors in this particular poem!!

  3. sherry

    ok i got the answer to that question on my own but i have another one what is the significance of the last line of the poem in relation to the theme. "grammar, like wealth belongs in the hands of the people who produce it."

  4. Anonymous

    I agree because english is sometimes seen for specific people like noney

  5. Anonymous

    I agree because english is sometimes seen for specific people like money.

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