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'List images of things in your daily life that are miracles or make you happy to be alive, like you did with your catalog poem. Then get two other people to share their daily joys. You will collect this for a later activity.'

This is what I said:

-My family (parents, siblings, and grandmother)
-My cat
-Our house
-the food we eat everyday
-the good education we receive
-the good resources we are able to reach

Now I need two other peoples' things. Please, and thanks

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    My children, their spouses, and grandchildren
    Helping students on Jiskha
    My routine
    Good health
    My home -- an apartment where I'm not responsible for maintenance and repairs
    Reading murder mysteries and other novels
    Newspapers and magazines
    Memories of old friends and my travels
    Many projects

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    Those are all great, thanks! (:

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