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5th grade

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I am not sure on this question. Can you help me. Question: How can you tell if 31/33 is already in its simplest form?

I wrote my answer to the following questions, can you tell if it is right?

Question: Can the Greatest Common Factor of 18 and 36 be greater than 18?

My Answer No, because 18 is the largest number that go into both 18 and 36 evenly.

Question: Can the Greatest Common Factor of 16 and 42 be less than 16?

My Answer: Yes, because 2 is the only number that can go into 16 and 42 evenly.

  • 5th grade -

    Your answers are correct. :-)

    For your first question, can you think of any number that goes into 31 and 33?

  • 5th grade -

    the gcf can not be lower than 16

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