10th grade algebra

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2b/4 + b/3 = 10
solve for b.

  • 10th grade algebra -

    Natalie, It looks to me as if you have no idea what steps you need to use to do these kinds of problems...therefore, I think that you need to ask your teacher for after school help. That way you will learn what you need and feel much better about the process.

  • 10th grade algebra -

    ok..so first you want to get rid of the fractions, so what u need to do is find a common number for it.. for 3 and 4 its going to be 12 now multiply everything by 12... what you should end up with is 6b+4B = 120.. now solve!

    and you should get 10..

    ps. the only reason im helping u this time is becuase i understand how u feel... i feel the same way! good luck.. BUT GO SEE UR TEACHER FOR HELP.. U SEEM LIKE U DON'T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE THING...

  • 10th grade algebra -

    i do i do online school so yeah its kinda hard you know

  • 10th grade algebra -

    2b/4+b/3=10.now take lcm.therefore 6b/12+4b/12=10.10b/12=10.cross multiply,10b=120.b=120/10=12.so b =12

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