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Miss Sue who are you? Do you work for this website or do you have nothing else to do? Just asking because my Mom says I should not trust you.

  • to Miss Sue -

    Actually, Ms.Sue is a very trustworthy and knowledgable tutor, in my and my sister's opinion


  • to Mystery Chicken -

    Nice name! I do trust Ms. Sue. My mom does not. Plus this was for Ms. Sue not you.

  • to Miss Sue -

    Thanks, MC.

    I'm a retired middle and high school teacher who taught English and social studies. For the last 12 years, I've been an active volunteer online tutor. I like the challenge of searching for new information and especially enjoy helping students.

    Of course, your Mom is right. Check anything you read for accuracy. Usually I post a link for more information about your question. Did you read the websites I linked for the turning point battle and for Christopher Columbus?

    Also, only a few of us experienced adult teachers are permitted to post links in this forum.

  • to Miss Sue -

    Yes, I read your links. Thanks! Just making sure, about the Revolutionary War, you think the answer is Sarotoga?
    Please reply quick, Searah!

  • to Miss Sue -

    That's right. The battle was at Saratoga.

  • to Miss Sue -

    Thanks, you are a great helper!

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