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27-f(x)=1/4x^2-2x-12. Can you show me how to find the vertex and x intercepts, step-by-step? I tried to put it in standard form, with (1/2x-1)^2-13, but my book said that's not the answer. Thanks!

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    Is 27 the problem number or is that part of the equation?

    If 27 is part of the equation, then
    f(x) = -(1/4)x^2 + 2x +39. That is not anything like your equation.

    If the 27 is a problem number, you should not have types it as part of the equation. Is the minus sign in front of f(x) real, or a hyphen?

    We can only answer math questions that are clearly written.

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    It's just the number of the problem.

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