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A Doppler blood flow meter emits ultrasound at a frequency of 5.0 MHz. What is the beat frequency between the emitted waves and the waves reflected from blood cells moving away from the emitter at 0.15m/s? Assume that v_sound=1540m/s in blood.

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    The Doppler shift, delta f, of the blood cells moving away is 2 V/v_sound * 5.0 *10^6 Hz.
    V = 0.15 m/s = the blood cell speed and v_sound = 1540 m/s.

    The factor of 2 is there because the frequency is shifted twice (when received and when sent back).

    delta f = 2*5*10^6*0.15/1540 = 974 Hz

    The beat frequency (of the transmitted beam combined with the reflected beam)equals delta f

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    thank you Drwls

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    thank you

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    perfect answer...thank you so much

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