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I need to know if i did these questions right.

The main problem: A certain Metropolitan area is building a new Performing Arts Center with two auditoriums to be used as concert venues.
Budget: 89,200,000 for construction cost
5,300,000 for land

1. What integer represents the total cost of the project? I answered: 94,500,000

2. 37 percent of the construction cost will be used for labor.Write an expression do not solve. I answered: .37*89,200,000=x

3. How much money will be spent on labor?Show how you arrived at this answer. I answered: .37* 89,200,000=33,004,000

At the completion of the project, it was determined that the project exceeded the budget by 2%.

4. How much additinal a money did the project cost? I answered: 2/100*x/94,500,000=1,890,000 then I 94,500,000 to 1,890,000: I got 96,390,000

Did I do this right, if not can you help me.

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    Absolutely right all the way. Well done!

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome!

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