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In a family with two children, what are the probabilities of the following outcomes, assuming that the birth of boys and girls is equally likely? a. Both are boys.b. The first is a girl and the second a boy. c. Neither is a girl. d. At least one is a girl.

I am questioning myself because this seems too easy. The answer would be D, right?

  • Can someone help? -

    If the chances are equally likely, then the outcome of two children would be one boy and one girl, correct?

  • Wait -

    I am supposed to figure out the probabilities of each statement...does anyone know how to do that?

  • Math -

    In the question you are dealing with a 1/2 probability rate, so in
    a-it wouls be 2 of the 1/2 rates which is 25%
    b-it would be the same b/c its still two 1/2 senerios, so 25% again
    c-same thing 25%
    d-this is a 75% chance b/c the secod child is still an unknown factor and could be either a girl or boy

  • Math -

    Thank you so much. I understood there was a 50% chance of a boy and a 50% chance of a girl, I just didn't know how to equate the probabilities.

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