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Science (7th Grade)

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My science teacher is really mean. And if I don't have the following questions done, I have a suspention! Please help!!

1) What discovery demonstrated that atoms are not the smallest particles?

2) Dalton did what to his theory that Democritus did not?

3) It is important for Thomson to repeat his experiment because why?


---Your friend,
Alexis Swisher.

  • Science (7th Grade) -

    2)It is the other way around. Democritus is an ancient greek philosopher. He didn't have any technology or knowledge that Danton had.

  • Science (7th Grade) -

    My science teacher is mean also.If i don't finish this test review
    1.I get held back

    2.I have to start 7th grade AGAIN! going to be grounded

    Please please please help!


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