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which of the following gasses will have the largest volume ( all volumes are measured at the same temperature and pressure)

A) 16g of CH4
B) 34g of NH3
C) 44g of co2
D) 64g of SO2

i think the answer is C am i right

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    You may or may not be right. How did you get your answer? That is the important part.

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    i found the gram formula mass for each gas and took it away from the gram given in the example

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    Close but no cigar.
    You find the gram formula mass, which is
    16 for CH4
    17 for NH3
    44 for CO2
    64 for SO2.

    So you have 1 mole CH4
    2 moles NH3
    1 mole CO2
    1 mole for SO2.
    Now which will occupy the most volume at the same P and T.
    You may want to use
    PV = nRT
    You know P is the same, R is the same, T is the same. So the highest V is for the xxxxx n.

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