possessive nouns

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_____ Jews fled from the German solders.
Is it
A. Polands
B. Poland's
C. Polands'
D. Polands's

  • possessive nouns -

    Which one do you think it is?

  • possessive nouns -

    I think it is D. Polands's

  • possessive nouns -

    But there's only one Poland.

    The rule is to add 's to a singular noun.

    Please try again.

  • possessive nouns -

    Is it c. Polands'

  • possessive nouns -

    Why did you choose C?

  • possessive nouns -

    I chose c because I thought I should make it plural. is the correct one is b. poland's

  • possessive nouns -

    There's only one country named Poland. Therefore Poland is singular.

    Yes. b. is right.

  • possessive nouns -

    Money might be sewn into ____ coat linings. What is the answer A. women's
    C. Womens'

  • possessive nouns -

    Worry haunted the refugee ____ eyes
    A.childrens B.children's C. childrens'

  • possessive nouns -

    ______ stories seemed unbelievable
    A. Survivors B. Survivor's C. Survivors'
    D. Surviors's

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