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prepare a defence for the proposition that the Divine Right of Kings is necessary to good government.

i don't get it. what does this mean? and i don't even understand the Divine Right of Kings, it was written in old english. please help me.

and it also says that rewrite this in modern english, i'm dying this question is too hard, please help!

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    The Divine Right of Kings was the doctrine that God gave the kings power to do anything they wanted.

    These site may help you understand this better.

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    thank you so much! :)

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    You're very welcome.

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    One of the articles in here ought to make that terminology clear:

    Read more than one if you need to.

    Once you understand the term, ask yourself if that idea is needed for a government to be a good government.

    Today, the US, England, France, and many other countries do not have kings or believe in the divine right of kings. Are there some successful governments in the world today that do?

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    so the Divine Right of Kings is like, a king can do whatever he likes to his country, like they can do anything?

    so then, if the king if too much a tyrant he will ruin the country?

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    sorry, i mean the king is too much a tyrant*

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    You've got it. Although for many years, human rights weren't important, so most people didn't believe that despotic rulers ruined the country.

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