7th grade Math

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This problem comes from a worksheet titled "Test of Genius" pgBB-64 #6 Try to put the numbers 1 to 12 in the twelve boxes below so that the numbers along each side add to 26.
Help anyone?

  • 7th grade Math -

    Square did not come out right sorry.
    x x x x
    x x
    x x
    x x x x
    They should be arranged in a square shape

  • 7th grade Math -

    With 12 numbers, you cannot get a square. You will get a 3x4 rectangle. Does "each side" mean that you get 26 either vertically or horizontally or just horizontally?

  • 9th grade Math -

    Try to put the numbers 1 to 12 in the twelve boxes below so that the numbers along eah side add to 26..??

    is this a real math problem and yes ..i need an answer to that ..i have no answer... myn is for a 9th grade class..it was just a little worksheet of fun to test our " genuisness" apparently..

  • 7th grade Math -

    12 2 4 8 12 1 3
    1 11 5 9 or 2 11 6
    3 6 10 7 4 5 10
    8 9 7

  • 7th grade Math -

    x x x x
    x x
    x x
    x x x x

  • 7th grade Math -

    did't work with me either

  • 7th grade Math -

    8 9 3 6
    1 _ _ 11
    12 _ _ 2
    5 10 4 7

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