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Literature I

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The Dove by Ewan McColl
Well the dove she's a pretty bird, and she sings as she flies
She brings us glad tidings and she tells us no lies
Well she flies in the mountains and the valley so low
And if you live peaceful then she never will go

Come all you young men, take a warning by me
Don't you go for a soldier, don't you join no army
For the dove she will leave you and the raven will come
And death will come marching to the sound of a drum

And come all pretty young girls, come walk in the sun
And don't let your young men ever carry a gun
For the gun it will scare her and she'll fly away
And then there'll be weeping by night and by day

What analysis could you make about this poem? What is it about? Any symbols?
It would be great if you gave some web cites that had some information about this poem. Thank you in advance.

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    dove = peace, but I didn't have time to read your poem.


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