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problem 2.
a sample of calcium chloride weighs 1.64g. it is dissolved in water and silver nitrate solution added.a precipitate of silver chloride weighing 4.24g was formed.determine
the percentage composition of each element.
the simple formular of calcium chloride.

  • chemistry -

    4.24 g AgCl x (1 mol AgCl/143.32 g AgCl) = ?? moles AgCl.
    ??moles AgCl x (35.453 g AgCl/mole AgCl) = xx grams Cl.

    %Cl in the sample = (xx g Cl/1.64)*100 =
    I get something like 63% but you need to do it more exacting. Subtract from 100 to get percent Ca.
    Then take a 100 g sample and determine the formula. Post your work if you get stuck.

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