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please someone help with me personal narrtive.i'm on my second pargrah.my first pargraph was about waking up me getting up.I have an idea i,m going to write it about me going on the airplane and me going on the ship

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    Please tell us what you need help on.

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    Me and family got on an air plane and we had go on a plane to seattle .Then we went on a bus to go sailing on a ship .Can you tell me how to improve this pargaph.

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    First a paragraph should be 4-5 sentences. Try breaking up your ideas and adding details.

    For exapmle, when you say you and your family got on a plane to Seattle, tell about what time you left, what it was like, how long it took, or any other detail. Do the same for your other sentence.

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    using describingatime of day topic sentences standing at the of the feild iwonder if i would be missed would any one take me seriously now they would have to.

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