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what are some good sub- topic/ topic/question and obesity in America?

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    Why is there an obesity epidemic?

    * Self-indulgence in our affluent(and sometimes greedy) society?
    * Poverty that restricts some people to high calorie food?
    * Lack of exercise because of indoor and sedentary activities like TV and computers?
    * Poor upbringing with the wrong kinds of food?
    * Too many activities that make family meals often impossible?
    * Greater stresses that is often assuaged by eating?

    These questions could be researched. We need to know the causes of obesity before we can figure out how to prevent it.

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    do you have any ideas how i can do community service?

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    If your community service is supposed to be part of your obesity project, you could --

    * Put up posters in school cafeterias that encourage healthy eating
    * Help organize, plant, and harvest a community gardens
    * Supervise children in outdoor activities

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    what can be a topic that grabs your attention

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    The topic about obesity that grabs my attention are the statistics about the serious major health problems and the medical costs of treating these problems of obesity.

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