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Can someone please check my answers and tell me if I have matched these (5 ) fallacy statements correctly .
1. It takes someone with a really big heart to give to our charity , and you seem like someone who cares more than most . (apple polishing fallacy) ?
2. Your're going out with Carron ? Well , she's a nice person , but I hear her last relationship was a wreck ! I'd be careful if I were you . (Poisoning the well fallacy )?
3.Stomachache or not , how could you not eat your dinner after I spent all that time making it ! ( Guilt trip fallacy ) ?
4.If it weren't for the president's environmental policy , we wouldn't be dealing with these environmental catastrophes . ( Wishful thinking fallacy ) ?
5. My friend , who goes to college in another state , said girls from that sorority are mean . That girl we just met , Tracy , is from the same sorority , so I don't trust her . (group think fallacy )

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    All of those fallacies are correct.

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