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Let's work in pairs. Say the specialty of your friend you know well to your partner. Use the following pattern.
* I have a friend who ___________.

For example, if one of your friends swims very well, say to your partner,"I have a friend who can swim very well." You can say two more expressions containing the relative pronoun 'who'. By doing this activity, you can practice using the relative pronoun. The more, the better. Now talk with yor partner introducing yoiur friends who can do something well.

(Would you check the expressions above? Correct erors, plese.)

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    Everything reads fine.

    ** You need a space after the comma after "partner" in the first line of the "For example" sentence.
    ** You need to put the period BEFORE the closing quotation mark after "who" in the second sentence.
    ** Check the spelling of "your" twice in that last sentence.

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