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Thank you for your reply. The Zn in grams 1.80= .028 moles Zn and Cl in grams 0.90= .025 moles Cl

The question was: What is the EXPERIMENTAL empirical formula of zinc chloride?
Determine the simplest whole number ratio of moles of zinc used,
to moles of chlorine reacted in the zinc chloride that was produced. (Take your answers to #3 and #4, and divide both values by whatever value is smaller.)
Following this I get a 1:1 ratio or ZnCl

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    The next question is Determine the actual empirical formula of zinc chloride, based on the ionic charges of zinc and chloride ions, using your rules for
    ionic nomenclature.

    Because Zn has +2 ions and Cl has -1 the actual empirical formula is ZnCl2

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    Then...Does your experimental empirical formula (answer to #5) agree
    with the known empirical formula (answer to #6) of zinc chloride? List and describe some sources of error that may have affected
    your results

    The only factor of error I can think of is that the ions weren't considered in the original formula. Is that correct?

  • DrBob222 follow up -

    All of your work is correct on the data you show. And, of course, ZnCl2, is the correct answer. I don't know how the experiment was conducted; therefore, I can't suggest where the error may have occurred. Have you checked how you came up with 1.8 g Zn and 0.9 g chlorine? That's the starting point and you need to make sure those are correct. I keep thinking that there must be a simple error (such as the mass Zn or mass chlorine) because it is not usual to come up with such a close 1:1 ratio when the actual ratio is 1:2.

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