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how do you draw a diagram to find the solution to 2.6 devided by 0.4 ,and explain what the quotant means?

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    2.6 divided by 0.4?

    I would draw two diagrams that illustrate how a pizza is divided into tenths.

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    I can't show the diagram, but the qoutient is the answer you get by dividing one number by another.

    2.6/.4 = 6.5

    6.5 is the quotient.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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    the answer is 6.5 but, i think the diagram is showing your work. hope this helps :)

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    i have to answer the same question

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    I think you should divide it into pizza and then show your work how you got the answer 6.5

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    I hope it will help
    good luck my friends

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    i think you just have too divide and show your work

  • 9th grade -

    use pie 2.7 - 8.2

  • 6th grade -

    Well, I have this problem and I am struggling with it just a tiny bit. But I asked my math teacher what drawing a diagram means and she said that it means to draw a picture. So I am drawing 2 wholes and 0.6 of a whole. The answer is 6.5, the quotient means the answer you get by dividing one number by another. I hope this helps, and maybe next time you should just try figuring this out. Bye

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    This is hard

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