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1. unite similar terms with parenthesis. x=2 y=-3 and z=5 find the value of
ax to the 2nd power-cy+ax-2ax to the 2nd power+ 2cy to the 2nd power-ax-cy to the 2nd power+ ax to the 2nd power+ cy

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    ax^2 - cy + ax - 2ax^2 +2cy^2 -ax -cy^2 + ax^2 +cy = cy^2

    The ax, ax^2 and cy terms cancel each other out, leaving you with cy^2 (c * y squared or c * y to the second power).

    cy^2 = c * -3 * -3 = 9c (A negative times a negative is a positive).

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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