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why can't we fnd many of the remains of the spanish missions in florida this period?

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    Climate may have something to do with it. The buildings in New Mexico and California manage to last longer because of the dry climate -- not nearly as much rain as in the Southeast, including Florida.

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    fyi i aleady looked at that site

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    Which one? There are many, many there.

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    can you help me find the answers to the test on florida studies weekly week 4

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    Can you help me find the answers to the test on Florida Studies Weekly week 4

    I need big time HELP!!!!!!!!

    thanks and for your advise i am nine years old and i am in forth grade.Trust me my teacher is rought on me when i don't turn in my assiments on time.You guys are going to save my life!!!!!

    Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary

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    week 10
    Does the Sourthern ant sting

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    because they were destroyed by hurricanes, fires or wars with other European colonists

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