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traveling 60 mi/h what is the speed in feet per second. How do you find this

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    60 mile * 5,280 feet = feet per hour

    60 seconds * feet per hour = feet per second

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    where did the number 5280 come from.. and i figured it would be with you numbers 19008000 feet per seconds correct.

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    do it step by step

    60 miles/1 hour
    = 60(5280) feet/1 hour
    = 316800 feet/60 minute
    = 316800 feet/3600 seconds
    = 88 feet/second

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    i am confused is it divid or times

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    Both * and () are symbols for multiplication.

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    BTW, a rough estimate to change mph to feet/sec
    is to take half of the rate in miles and add it on .
    i.e. multiply the mph rate by 1.5

    reason: 1 mph = 1.4666 feet/sec

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