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The Reign of Terror was a period of violence in the French Revolution, during which thousands of people were executed as enemies of the revolution. In the Reign of Terror, revolutionary leaders began to turn on each other. The Girondins who favoured the political system, fought a battle to the death with the Jacobins, who criticized the Girondins.During this year the revolutionary government got extraordinary powers and passed a number of harsh laws designed to intimidate or eliminate anyone who disagreed with the radical Jacobins. The law of suspects, for example, provided for the arrest of anyone of noble family or who had held office before revolution. Also a complete reorganization of the armed forces, and new legislation was passed to regulate business.

Is this right?

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    It's correct -- but you've only scratched the surface of the Reign of TERROR. You don't appear to understand this TERROR at all.

    What about the 30,000 to 40,000 people who were killed in the Reign of TERROR? That's almost as many Canadians as were killed in World War II.

    What about the dreaded guillotine? Why didn't you mention that?

    Did the government completely reorganize the armed forces and pass new business regulations during the year of the Reign of TERROR?

    Please read at least some of the sites I've posted for you.

    I'm sure your book also has this information. Have you read it?

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    Okay I'll write all what my book says:
    I already mentioned some of what it says, but here is the rest:

    Few people dared stand up to this government.(It's talking about the revolutionary government). Danton for ex. was beheaded in 1794. Before his death, he predicted that Robespierre would soon follow. He told the executioner to hold his severed head high so the crowd could look at it. It was, as he said, "worth seeing." Other people who challenged Robespierre even the leaders of sans-culottes were guillotined. It is estimated that over 37 000 people were guillotined during the reign of terror.

    Now I don't know how to put this in my own words, I have a lot of trouble putting things in my own words.

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