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find the slope, if it exists of the line containing the pair of points. (-19.3, 13.4) and (-17.3, 2.1) The slope m= I came up with m= -4 am I close

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    he slope is just the difference in the ys over the differences in the xs. That is, when you move 1 in the x direction, how far do you move in the y direction.

    -4 isn't very far off, but it's not the exact answer:

    Your Ys are 13.4 and 2.1

    Your Xes are -19.3 and -17.3

    (Cereful to keep them in the right order, to avoid reversing a sign!)

    So your answer is:

    (13.4-2.1) / (-19.3 - (-17.3))

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