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51. How do the monsoons and the moutains influence the climate in South Asia? Include an analysis of how monsoons can be responsible for survival and hardship in this region.

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The monsoons affect the South Asian climate greatly. In winter the winds blow from the northeast and bring dry air from Asia’s mainland to most of South Asia. In summer the winds’ direction reverses, picking up moisture from the warm Indian Ocean, and dropping heavy rains as they travel over the land. This helps the farmers survive because most of the year, South Asia is hot and dry. When these monsoons bring rains, the farms become lush and green with agriculture.
Monsoons can also bring hardships; if the rain hits too hard, low-land areas face the dangers of floods and other areas can be threatened by landslides.
The Himalayas are an important relief feature for South Asia. They block the cold winds from entering, thus preventing the region from becoming too cold. They also block the monsoon winds and prevent them from going away. Basically, the Himalayas act as a barrier.

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