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I have to choose 5 health concerns, and write 2 sentences for each one that tell what you should do or what you should not to avoid that problem. I have to use the verb devoir in each sentence.

1.Mal à la tête
Je dois prendre rendez-vous avec la médecin.
Je ne dois pas étudie.

2.Mal à la gorge
Je dois prendre une médecine.
Je ne dois pas manger la glace.

Je dois rester au lit.
Je ne dois pas faire du footing.

Je dois prendre ma température.
Je ne dois pas aller au cinéma.

Je dois ?
Je ne dois pas aller à l'école.

Please make any corrections.

  • French -

    1. use ..."le médecin" for both male and female doctors, although la médecin has been used in very rare cases.
    "étudier" - infinitive is required following "Je dois...".

    2. "une médicine" is not a current term for medicine in English. It usually means the science of medicine. The current word is "un médicament".

    5. Drink a lot of liquids/water?

    Hope Mme Sra will have time to go over these corrections and check for others.

  • French -

    2 - Je ne dois pas manger de glace.

    5 - Je dois me moucher

    Good work :)

  • French -

    Mme/Sra says to trust Mathmate implicity!

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • French -

    Thank you all so much:-). Sra, I trust MathMate completely:-)

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