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i desperately need some tips and techniques with memorizing/using declensions in latin. PLEASE HELP!!

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    Use flashcards for everything:

    ** to memorize vocabulary (Latin on one side, English on the other)
    ** to memorize declensions and conjugations (e.g., all six forms of a verb in its present tense on one side, meanings on the other)
    ** to memorize rules for when to use each case
    ** to memorize verb tenses and when to use each


    I'll give you some websites that can help, but nothing will replace your textbook and a really good dictionary. I use The New College Latin & English Dictionary (in paperback). It has all the primary grammar rules and explanations in the front and then the dictionary.

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    Plus, for you to know how best to study, analyze what type of learner you are. If someone tells you and you understand and remember, you are an oral learner. That means you need to HEAR what you want to learn. If you can SEE it, understand it and remember it, that means you are a visual learner and you must SEE what you want to learn. If you are a kinesthetic learner, you might have more difficulty learning but you will remember far longer than other types of learner. That means you must actually be physically involved, "walk through it" i n essence.

    Most people are a combination of 2 of those but it helps to know HOW to attack it best, for you.


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