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Given additional information that 56% of the total employees in the company are male and 50% of them are employees who have been working less than 5 years. If an employee selected at random is known to have been working for 5 years or more, what is the probability that the employee is a male?

the info was in the form of table so i didn't include can you please guide me how to solve this type of question ... thanks lots...

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    I don't think you've given us all the information from the table. Maybe you haven't recognised all of the information.

    Does "50% of them" means "50% of all employees" or "50% of males"? That makes the question ambiguous, and offhand I can't see enough information it answer it using either interpretation.

    And you start with "Given additional information". That sounds like this is the second part of the question, and something we need to know is in the first.

    Can you maybe supply the other info?

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