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Algebra 2 URGENT

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  • Algebra 2 URGENT -

    In this, like the first one, just gather your similar terms together and write what's left.

  • Algebra 2 URGENT -

    could you please do the problem and show your work. thanks

  • Algebra 2 URGENT -

    The problem as you have expressed it is:

    1/u^2 - 2u -1/u^2 - 4
    = (1/u^2 -1/u^2) - 2u - 4
    = -2u -4

    I suspect that maybe there are brackets missng, maybe

    1/(u^2-2u) -1/(u^2-4) ?

    or maybe not, or maybe different, like

    1/u^2 - (2u-1)/(u^2-4) ?

    but I can't tell.

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