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1. if 10mL of 0.004M AgNO3 is added to 10mL of 0.0024M K2CrO4, is either Ag+ or CrO4(2-) in stoichiometric excess? if so, which is in excess?

2. the Ksp for BaCrO4 is 1.2x10-10. will BaCrO4 precipitate upon mixing 10 mL of 1x10-4M Ba(NO3)2 with 10mL of 1.0x10-4M K2CrO4?

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    If you made up a solution of NaOH by adding 0.010 mole of solid NaOH to 1.0 liter of distilled water, what would be the concentration of the OH-(aq)?

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    I want answers

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