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The unemployment rate is 5.8% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, April 3, 2003). Suppose that 100 employable people are selected randomly.

1)What is the probability that exactly six people are unemployed (to 4 decimals)?

2)What is the probability that exactly six people are unemployed (to 4 decimals)?

3)What is the probability that at least four people are unemployed (to 4 decimals)?

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    An excel spreadsheet is very helpful
    for these kinds of calculations.

    You could calculate these pobabilities directly. Or, you could use a poisson distribution. I'll use a Poisson here.

    the formula for the poisson is
    P(k;l) = (l^k)*e^(-l) / k!
    where l is the expected number = 5.8
    and k is the observed number.

    so for 1 (and 2, they are identical)
    P(k;l) = 5.8^6 *e^(-5.8) / (1*2*3*4*5*6)
    = .16

    take it from here.

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