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AP Calculus - High School

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The Temperature T of food put in a freezer is

T = (700) / t^2+4t+10

where t is the time in hours. Find the rate of change of T with respect to t at each of the following times.

a. t=1
b. t=3
c. t=5
d. t=10

** i'll be able to do the others on my own if you please explain step by step how to do at least one of these. I have now idea where to start. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME A.S.A.P ! :(


  • AP Calculus - High School -

    you gotto differentiate the function

    so if

    T= 700* (t^-2) + 4t + 10

    dT/dt = 700* (-2) (t^ -3) +4

    now just plug in t = 1 in the above

    same with the others too

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