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match the words with their antonyms

1. harmonious _j?_
2. viable _h_
3. slack _a_
4. scintillating _g?_
5. hideous _b_
6. brittle _d_
7. irascible _e?_
8. prevalent _f_
9. deceptive _c_
10. flippant _i_

a. tight
b. gorgeous
c. honest
d. sturdy
e. good-natured
f. rare
g. clashing
h. impractical
i. respectful
j. boring


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    All are right except 1 and 4.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    so i just switch 1 and 4 around?

  • Grammar and Composition -


    The opposite of harmonious music would be clashing music.

    A scintillating person is fascinating, and definitely not boring.

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