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please check:

Insert the correct punctuation and capitalization in the following sentences.

1. what time do you have to get up tomorrow george?

What time do you have to get up tomorrow, George?

2. on independence day, the martin family has a neighborhood picnic.

On Independence day, the Martin family has a neighborhood picnic.

3. mr p j baker a barber fell out of the window of his barbershop yesterday nevertheless he did not get hurt

Mr.P.J.Baker, a barber, fell out of the window of his barbershop yesterday; nevertheless he did not get hurt.

4. oh my the house is on fire screamed john

"Oh my! The house is on fire!" screamed John.

5. because the dogs were chasing the fox it ran down the hill under the fence and across the field

Because the dogs were chasing the fox, it ran down the hill, under the fence, and across the field.


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